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Product Ref B11


 NPC 12 Volt 24 Amp Yuasa Sealed Lead Acid Cyclic Battery in aluminium flight case. The case is made by Case design and has two or four XLR 4 Pin output sockets on the top.    Pin 1 (-) pin 4 (+). The maximum fused output is 9 Amps, This batteries maximum charge rate is 14.8 volts 6 ampere, for over night charging a 4 amp charge will do, car type chargers must not be used. There is an L.E.D battery voltage indicator on the lid that will switch off below 11.5 volts indicating the battery needs charging. 

Inside the box there is a car type 8 amp blade fuse and space for leads.   if using a rapid charger at 6 amps the batteri fuse needs to be more than 6 amp

Note - all batteries are 30% less efficient when very cold. Hand or foot warmers can be put inside the case when used in extreme cold to keep battery at peak performance.

Neutrik 4 pin to 4 pin 10 amp output leads or available. 

See Ref C3 for Chargers.

For more information see B6 Yuasa batteries.

DIMENSIONS   190W x 200H x 145D mm                                                    WEIGHT  9.5 kg

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