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Product Ref B12

NEW YUASA YPC 2212 = 12 volt 22 amps

The YUASAYPC 2212 type battery is designed for cyclic use and is not damaged by deep discharge, but must never be left in a severely discharged condition.

Replacement YUASA NPC 17-12 battery is 181 x 76 x 167mm, 6.3 Kg, is now the TEV12210 = 12 volt 21 amps @ £ 46

Replacement YUASA NPC 24-12 battery is 175 x 166 x 125mm, 9.0 Kg, is now the GS YUASA TEV12260 = 12 volt 26 amps @ £60

Replacement YUASA NPC 30-12 battery is 195 x129 x 179mm, 11.2 Kg is now the GS YUASA TEV12360 = 12 volt 36 amps @ £79

I can supply a Neutrik 4 pin to 4 pin 10 amp output leads £15

Neutrik 4 pin to 2 X 4 pin 10 amp output Y leads £22

4 pin to clips for charging your car battery £8

The NP type battery is not designed for cyclic use and should not be discharged below 11.5 volts. this battery is not used in my battery boxes

On all battery boxes the LED will switch off when voltage falls below 11.5 volts to indicate that the battery needs charging.

Maximum charge voltage is 14.8 Volts

It is recommended that a stabilized constant voltage charger be used with current limiting to restrict the current flow to the permitted maximum. See Ref C2 C3 & C4. Car battery type chargers must never be used. These batteries should be charged upright and never be left in a severely discharged condition or get hot when charging.

The Yuasa sealed lead acid batteries have proved to be a reliable and economic alternative to nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or Lithium batteries which need to be discharged before recharging if part used and have expensive charging systems plus the memory problems.

The Yuasa sealed lead acid batteries with the correct charger has no such problems. If the battery is part used it will take less time to charge and for best results, when the battery is fully charged and ready for use, it can be left on float charge until required. So if you forget to take it off charge at the weekend no problem it will just improve the performance by balancing the cells.

Please Note :- If you are thinking of float charging you battery when in use make shore your equipment will take up to 14 volts, you may also need a filter in the output from the battery to stop charging noise for being recorded or heard from your monitor. I can supply the filters and a charger with a float/boost switch to keep the the charger in 13.8 volts float charge condition

***With these batteries you can jump start you car if the car battery is flat, but you will need to clip on to the the battery terminals or fit a 35 amp fuse in you battery box,

You can charge your car battery with one of these chargers and the charger will tell you if your car battery is faulty.

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