Item U6


This is a sanded time code clapper board, when the sync box is locked to your sound recorder time code, The running time code is displayed with the sticks open when you clap the sticks for the sound the slate displays the user bits, but if it reads "feed me" it needs to be re-locked the the recorder, the sync box will hold sync for about 4 hours

I have found the removable sync box very useful when it is locked to the time code on your recorder it can be taken to all the cameras to lock them to the sync box,

or with the sync box attached to the slate you can use the slate with the sticks open and the running time code is displayed for the camera's to see

These units is in good working order but whoever painted the sticks has never herd of masking tape.

The clapper board / time code slate runs from 8 x MN1400 or C type batteries or if you make up a DC lead will run from 12 volt supply

and the sync box uses 1 x MN1604 or PP3 type battery

With some input / output leads, case and batteries

25.5cm x 21cm x 6cm

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For overseas callers please dial +44 1932 241948