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Item UM12


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This Mixer has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services

The original broadcast quality stereo portable mixer for TV, film and documentary location

An output lead to your Nagra is supplied that plugs into the ACC 7-pin Tuchel/Binder socket and will give you 3 extra switch-able microphone inputs

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with 3 bag Porta Brace and umbilical output cable and tail for camera inputs to 3-pin XLR and a 3.5 Jack plug return.

Features and Specification - SQN-3 Type M
Three identical channels using industry standard XLR-3 type female connectors. Each channel is individually switchable for:

a) 12V T [DIN A-B]
b) dynamic or self-powered microphones
(150-600 Ohms)
c) 48V phantom
Input attenuation: 0dB, -10dB, or -20dB
Bass Cut: Flat, -6dB or -12dB at 50Hz
Line Attenuation: Adds -50dB before the mic preamp

Mic. Input Sensitivity -70dBu for 0dB (peak level) on the meter with the channel gain at maximum and the Master Gain at 0dB.
Max Level -20dBu (0dBu with 20dB attenuation).
Mic. Polarity
The unit is normally shipped wired to IEC standards, i.e. pin 2 in phase and positive T powering.
Noise Figure -129dBu (A weighted) with 200 Ohm source resistance.
Frequency Response 30Hz to 20kHz +0,-1dB
Line Input L or 3 Dedicated balanced input by way of fourth XLR-3 female connector with side panel fader control

The mic channels 1, 2 & 3 mic, retaining their effective input attenuator and Bass Cut controls.
Aux. Monitor Input
Balanced input carried on same 5-way D.I.N. connector as line output.
Aux. Input Level Minimum level -19dB; maximum level +11dB.
Microphone Faders Recessed front panel rotary controls. Knobs contoured for ease of adjustment allowing fader position to be judged by touch or viewed from a distance.
Master Fader Front panel rotary control governing all 4 inputs and allowing the level of mix to be adjusted from zero to +3dB (detent at 0dB).
Level Meter Fast response peak reading meter with a log calibrated linear scale; full wave rectification. Nordic Norm and VU versions are available to special order. The meter scale is permanently illuminated by light emitting diodes for low light applications.
Limiter Switchable; operates on the metered output to give approx. 20:1 compression ratio over an 18dB range. Attack time 0.5ms. Release time 100ms.
Line Up Tone 1.1kHz tone operated by a front panel TONE The output level is internally adjustable and is usually set 8dB below peak level.
Line Output 1 Balanced, floating source with a clipping level of + 18dBu, or +20.5dBu into 10k Ohms. The output level is preset so that 0dB (peak level) on the meter corresponds to +8dBu. Distortion at +15dBu is less than 0.1% over the range of 30Hz to 20kHz. The output connector is a standard XLR-3 male type and the output impedance is 160 Ohms.
Line Output 2 Derived from Line Output 1, a second balanced line output is available from a 5-way D.I.N. locking connector which may be switched to Mic. level (-50dBu) by a toggle switch set into the mixer baseplate. Monitoring return on this socket facilitates single cable connection to recorder.
3.5mm Jack Unbalanced output at -40 dBu allows connection of ancillary equipment such as transcription recorder.
Output Monitoring The phones output level is adjustable from zero to 1.5V by a control on the side panel. The connector is a 6.3mm stereo jack, normally wired with tip and ring joined, accepting Gauge A or B connectors.
Monitoring Switches Monitoring is selected by the MXR / AUX switch on the front panel. Choices are:

SQN-3 ground so that external supplies of either polarity may be used. Alternatively, a power supply which does not share a ground with the SQN-3 may be used e.g. a camera battery.
Battery Test
The meter is fitted with a suppressed-zero scale, brought into operation by a front panel push button, which indicates the battery voltage directly.
Case Size
210mm x 120mm x 44mm.

To buy this item please telephone:- Mike Harris 01932 241948 email =