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Da-Cappo 02 Omnidirectional Microphone, with 3.5 screw lock jack plug for Sennheiser G1, G2 or G3 radio microphone TX

Old stock, this beige over the ear microphones in as new condition and prefect working order with box.

Da-Cappo 02 Omni directional Microphone, miniature condenser microphone, supplied in a Active Audio bag

The DAP02 Lavaliere Microphone
style microphone employs the company's European designed 2.5 mm diameter capsule. Available in white, coffee, beige and black, the DAP02 has the same carbon Kevlar outer shield on the 1.2 or 1.8m cable. With the microphone's crisp vocal response, its water resistant design, and its flexible adapter system, this microphone is proving popular with professional broadcasters and the theatrical community. The microphone system includes a cable and a wireless adapter of one's choice.

Active Audio micro microphones are constructed using very high quality European-designed capsules. These capsules are the product of research done in the field of precision hearing instrumentation. Currently there are two capsules being used. The specifications are identical except that one has a red dot and is 10dB lower sensitivity. There is a blue dot for change of phase. This capsule is often specified by professional broadcasters who require the extra headroom provided by the use of a capsule with lower sensitivity. Both capsules are Omni-directional with a flat frequency response and have superb EMI protection. Active Audio engineers have incorporated these capsules into the microphone housing in such as way as to make a water resistant microphone. This is an enormous benefit to performers working under intense stage lighting as well as in a myriad of industrial and commercial applications.

A very small personal microphone with a capsule that is designed to be resistant to water and sweat. A -10dB version of the capsule with correspondingly increased SPL can be specified. The cable is a Kevlar reinforced 1.2mm type. An XLR adaptor for P48, and a range of Tiny-Q, 3.5mm jack and HRS adaptors to suit the majority of radio microphone TXs are available. The DA12, DA03 are ear-hung versions and the Stick a rod supported one. The specifications are otherwise identical.
Frequency curve: Omni



DIMENSIONS Including grommet 7.5L X 3 D mm LEAD 1.5 mm D x 1.1m L

To buy this item please telephone: Mike Harris 01932 241948 or