Microphone amplifier for Nagra IV/S or IV/S T/C made by David lane.

For T powered high, T powered norm or Dynamic Microphones inputs

Plugs into the `Nagra NRS socket so keeps the input and output sockets clear and give you an extra 3rd Microphone input,

It has switching between tracks, 4 LF cuts and FLAT EQ, -50 to + 6 dB on the gain / level control,

Tested and in perfect working order, if you are having problems with the Gain on your Dynamic microphones, this unit will give you about 40dB more gain

and is with the lead, just plug your microphone lead into the 3-pin XLR socket. -----------------This one has a pocket clip

To buy this item please telephone: Mike Harris 01932 241 948, or Email, mikesound@lineone.net