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This Nagra IS Recorder is smaller than a Nagra 4.2 and a masterpiece of engineering that runs on 3 stepper motors

this recorder is an IS-L SPEC.No 02 S/N1419 and is fitted with a 50 or 60 Hz pilot sync

This recorder has push button fast foreword and rewind, push ones to start, push again to stop, a playback button and press the red and line buttons together to record, all driven by 3 stepper motors. Even the lid cache is a work of art, there is a small crack in the Perspex lid by the headphone socket

A nice clean undamaged Tape Recorder in perfect working order, but for a crack in the meter glass

ABOVE , a sprung pin on the right hand hinge will slide out with you finger nail to remove the Perspex lid,

When you are using the pilots sync and have the link plug plugged in to the socket next to the headphone socket and switched into record or playback when the tape has been recorder with pilot, you will see the LED light up when the strobe roller is over the LED and give you the wagon wheel affect to show the speed is locked

ABOVE LEFT, the ALC control is not fitted. (Automatic level control)

You can read the battery level when you push the rewind button when in play or record.

ABOVE RIGHT, L.F.A FILTER switch( low frequency attenuator) and TAPE DIRECT switch, 2 control is the microphone 2 line & playback control, the 4 mm sockets are the 4.4 volt transformer LINE OUTPUT

ABOVE LEFT, the REF .GEN, put a -6 dB tone in the tape when in record, and when the slider under the buttons is pushed to the right, it stops the record button being pushed accidentally when playing tapes.

ABOVE RIGHT, The new stock has no PHANTOM microphone input it just has DYNAMIC or "T" powered on both microphone inputs

Please Note, This Nagra has a battery box fitted and the handle fixing screw will be sold with the Nagra. The IS will be supplied with the roll of tape that was used to line up this recorder, that now has some test tones and music on for you to test the IS and a take up spool. And a copy of the instruction manual, a Battery box is included.

But no batteries, I can supply a 12 volt mains power supply or a charger and rechargeable batteries other power supplied as listed on this Website but not included in the price

ABOVE LEFT, 2 Handle fixing screw sockets, then the Headphone socket and the pilot sync plug and socket, the 2 x 4 mm line in banana plugs and the 7 pin Tuchel socket that has line in, pilot and speed control inputs, the clever thumb lever ,when rotated to the right lowers the battery fixing and the battery box or power supply lifts out. To open this recorder, first open the Perspex lid, unscrew the to larger screws (2-3 terns only), that is under the 2 screw on the lilt bar, hold the headphone socket housing and lift the lift bar.

LEFT ABOVE, the other thumb lever you rotate to the left, and on the back of the 2 x XLR Microphone inputs is the XLR lock release lever

ABOVE, Information on the push button controls and switches that's on top plate of recorder

ABOVE LEFT, this recorder uses 3 types on power units that are available to clips on to the recorder, a Battery box that uses 10 x C type or MN1400 batteries, or IACC Rechargeable battery unit, or a Nagra mains power unit, only an empty battery box is included

ABOVE RIGHT, Record, Pilot & playback heads are as new, as is the pinch roller.

ABOVE RIGHT, there is no speed change on this 7.5 ips only recorder. BRAKES use when splicing to tape.

This recorder has 3 types on power units that are available to clips on to the recorder, a Battery box that uses 10 x C type or MN1400 batteries, or IACC Rechargeable battery unit, or a Nagra mains power unit,

ABOVE RIGHT, switches for 50 or 60 Hz pilot and switches for type of meter you prefer from, modulo meter, super VU-meter or peak VU-meter

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