OLYMPUS LS-5 with RS30W remote control, headphones and lavalier microphone

Metal Bodied Pocket Solid State Recorder kit

see Manual https://www.avisoft.com/LS-5.pdf

the LS-5, Olympus have appointed a proper pro-audio support channel for these two products. We now feel far more confident in offering them to our customers here.

The Olympus LS-11 (8Gb of internal memory and remote control included) is the senior of these two recorders because it comes with the most features and accessories, and really useful they are too. Meanwhile, the more price conscious LS-5 (2Gb of internal memory, remote is optional at extra cost) represents extraordinary value by offering good basic features and functions but without compromising performance.

Whichever model you choose, you can make high-end audio recordings no matter the time and place. Be it a breaking news story, a band rehearsal or some oral history recording, the LS is a great accompaniment. With Linear PCM recording capabilities and sampling rates of up to 24bit/96kHz, these clever pocket-sized devices capture your audio very well. You can record for over 12 hours in CD-quality on the LS-11's 8Gb of internal memory, and over 3 hours on the LS-5's internal 2Gb before you have to add an SD (or SDHC) card to their slots for even more capacity. You can even edit (partial erase) within these recorders. And you can control either recorder with its remote (see picture below) - this comes as standard with the LS-11 and may be purchased as an option for the LS-5.

In good condition and perfect working order

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