Item UMN15

Nagra lll Mono reel to reel 1/4" tape recorder S/N B 64 5587 and was made in 1964 and is a non pilot recorder

This Nagra 111 in good condition for its age and perfect working order. It has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services and comes with a 3 month guarantee. Supplied with Instruction Manual, shoulder strap and case fixing screws.

This Nagra III recorder is in very good condition and very good working order.

The heads are in good condition and no head loss adjustment was needed when lining up the playback or record biasing

As you can see the main function switch is set for EXT External power, if you rotate the switch right round to BAT the recorder is then using internal batteries. The BA push button when out gives you the microphone or line input on the MONITORING OUTPUT, an adapter is supplied to plug in headphones and use the 4 mm Banana outputs. If BA button is pushed in when recording it will give you the off tape output. The second button between the MIKE and LINE controls is the reference signal button that will give you a test tone, the level is set by the LINE input control.

This Recorder has not been modified, and is in the original condition as Nagra supplied it. The BA push button is Before (Direct) and After is (off tape) when recording, and the 4 mm Banana plug sockets for the Headphone output or off tape monitor,

This Recorder as a good clean lid and has had a new main funchen switch as well as new motor and pinch wheel bearing and a full service.

Please note:- you can only use and ATN 24 volts power supply, or the U31 SMPS on main page for power supply .

The 35 volts ATN 2 or ATN 3 power supplies must not be used with this recorder.

Please note:- the control knob on the top of the Nagra 111 is the tape transport control, see the above picture, it is in the park position (dot to dot), the recorder must be left like this when not in use, or you will damage the pinch wheel or rewind rubber drive.

On the left of the top deck the two rollers are flutter filters with 50 Hz and 60 Hz stroboscope on top. The push button between them is fast forward, when in playback. When you have turned the tape transport control around fully clockwise the pinch wheel is engaged with the capstan when the main switch is in Record or Playback and the tape will run. For fast rewind turn the tape transport control fully anti-clockwise with the main function switch set to playback.

The stroboscope roller is for checking speed, If you put a mains light over it the wagon wheel affect, makes it look like it's standing still

ABOVE RIGHT, Tape speed switch 3 tape speeds 38, 19, 9.5cm/s (15,7.5, 3.75 ips) and 3 pin XLR plug for Dynamic or Ribbon Microphone.

ABOVE LEFT: The line input and line direct output are on 4 mm Banana plugs on this side, or you can use the headphone banana sockets for off tape output. The top 6 pin Tuchel socket is for the ATN power supply and the bottom 6 pin Tuchel plug is the 50 or 60Hz pilot input, If you need to record in sync with a camera you would need to connect this plug to the 1 volt 50Hz 4 mm output sockets on the ATN or an external pilot crystal


It has a good clean battery compartment with no corrosion, even the base of the recorder is in good condition,

The recorder works from 12 x U2 batteries or external ATN mains supply (not included)

Please note :- there are some minor scratches and marks on the case.

no sign of dust or water damage inside this case.

The Adapter to 3.5 or 1/4 mono jack socket for headphones and 4 mm monitoring off tape is supplied with this recorder.

To buy this item please telephone: Mike Harris: 01932 241948 and quote the reference number or Email at EX PRO RECORDERS LTD