Ref: UN3

Long Play 5 Inch Rolls Of LPR35 1/4 Inch Recording Tape

RMG International is now Recording The Masters, of Mulann Industries Analogy Recording Tape

Long Play 5 inch rolls of RMG LPR35 1/4 inch 6.3 MM 885 FT, 270 M of tape

Equivalent to Quantegy/Ampex 480, 456 BASF 468 ZONAL 675 and EMTEC 468 but not BASF 368

This Tape was made in Holland, but is now made in France, I can supply this tape in any number of tapes or boxes of 20 tapes

Recording The Masters… do you think this is a brand new tape ?

Do you remember AGFA, BASF, EMTEC, ZONAL, RMGI and PYRAL ?

These legendary tapes SM900, SM911, SM468, LPR35 and SM368 remain the original, authentic, unique and word-class tapes for music studio and archives.

Recording The Masters is proud to announce that analog is back and here to stay for the future. Since January 2016, Recording the Masters is carrying the torch of audio analog recording and will continue to produce and distribute those tapes for audio engineers, word-class studios, musicians, labels, professionals and audiophiles.

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