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NAGRA Slo Synchronizer And Connecting Leads For A NAGRA III
In very good connecting and good working order
I have another SLO but no connecting leads
PLEASE NOTE: The Nagra III is not included in this sale


NAGRA SN SRB Type Reel Winding Unit
Made With Nagra Motors And Parts
With Nagra Quality Workmanship


NAGRA IESL Synchronizer
For I.S. Tape Recorder
A Very Rare Find


Tape Cleaning Blade . 06260
A Rare Find


NAGRA QSCM Cue Microphone
Plugs into the nagra cue connector
This microphone will put audio info on the cue track, like take number, date, right or left track info, to find the info on playback switch the headphones to cue
For NAGRA model:- IV-S


SV NAGRA Speed Verierteur
Speed controller type used on a NAGRA III
This will only work if you have the mini bnc socket on your recorder
For NAGRA model:- III


Microphone Preamps for IV-SJ Tape Recorder

Adapter for type B&K microphones
No 2615 2618 2619 2627
Note: Microphones not included
£150 each


BS11 Microphone Preamp
Make the line input into a dynamic microphone input
For NAGRA model:- III, 4 & E


NAGRA A8 Nab Recording Amplifier
This is a NAB EQ record board. If you have a CCIR EQ board fitted in your Nagra and would like to record NAB EQ this is all you need.
For NAGRA model:- IV.L, 4L , 4.2, & D Mono tape recorders


Nagra 4 Plug In Microphones and Line Input Preamplifier Boards
QPM-6 Symmetrical Line Input
QPSE Microphone Preamplifier 200 Ohm
QPM 3-5 Microphone Preamplifier
from £45 each


Phantom Power Plug In Microphone Pre-Amp Board
NAGRA 48 Volt Phantom, 12 Volt "T" Power And Dynamic Switchable Microphone Preamp
With Control Bar
For NAGRA Model:- 4L & 4.2
A very rare find


CSS Time Code Resolver Sold
Model 102 S/N 1023
NAGRA QSLS & Interface
For 4S TC Stereo NAGRA Sync Playback

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