Used Original Nagra Leads For Reel to Reel Tape Recorders

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Original Nagra QCSE Stereo Input Lead
This lead is a 7 pin Tushel plug to 2 x XLR 3 pin lead sockets with 47k pads to mach the Nagra to 600 Ohms. Red banana plug is Left and the Green is Right, like the Nagra meter and control knobs
Banana plugs are the original plugs


Original NAGRA SN SCN Output Lead to NAGRA III, IV or 4.2 NAGRA Recorder
This lead has a mono 3.5 jack that plugs into the SN playback output, to a 6-pin Tuchel plug to plug in the Nagra input socket.
Lead has C & R fitted to block the DC on the SN output


Original Nagra QCJE Mono Input Lead
This lead is a 7 pin Tushel plug to banana plug lead with 100k pads to mach the Nagra inputs


Original Nagra TIME CODE Input or Output Lead to NAGRA IV-S Tape Recorder
This lead has a Lemo 5 pin plugs that fit in the right hand side of a IV-S TC recorder and gives you time code input or output on 3 pin XLR. This is so you can send sync lock from the Nagra to a camera or other recorders, or from the camera or other recorders to the Nagra

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